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Talent ID Initiative to target Schools in partnership with St Paul's Carnival & EFL Trust

To celebrate International Women's Day, Bristol Rovers Community Trust and Bristol Rovers Women's FC are thrilled to announce the launch of a new community initiative in partnership with St Paul's Carnival and the EFL Trust.

As part of the EFL 'Female Talent ID' programme, Bristol Rovers will be hosting free Talent ID sessions for girls at various schools within St Pauls, to help us identify potential talent within the area.

As part of our partnership with St Pauls Carnival, we aim to offer further opportunities for girls within areas, where access to football can be limited. By working collaboratively with the St Pauls community, the EFL Trust and the FA, Bristol Rovers can achieve these aims that could inspire the next generation of talented female players in Bristol.

'Gas Girls' Co-Founder, Matthew Davies said, "The St Paul's Carnival kit launch was a brilliant success, and with all of our partnerships we always want to continue doing more within our communities. With the fantastic support from the EFL Trust innovation fund and St Paul's Carnival, I'm sure our team will be able to deliver an engaging, inspiring and successful programme for the girls within these schools."

The sessions are set to be delivered within the next few months.

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