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Community | Gas Girls volunteer to deliver fresh food to vulnerable families in Bristol

Bristol Rovers Women's FC players, Jen Atherton & Poppy Warren have been volunteering every Tuesday afternoon to help deliver free fruit and vegetables to people who are struggling to access healthy food within the City.

The 'Gas Girls' have been volunteering with a group of local of pubs, festival folk and local community organisations using their time and skills to help families and households affected by food poverty. This fantastic community initiative is organised by Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls Sports and Social Club, The Plough Inn, The Pipe & Slippers, The Lion, The Love Inn & the Star and Garter.

Over the last decade, child poverty and food insecurity have continued to grow into society. The increased use of food banks has been massively exacerbated by the current crisis. Unemployment, isolation, homelessness and illness have all played a part.

But despite the positive work by the team of volunteers, the group are desperate for donations and help to provide for people around Bristol. An urgent update on the official Fund Surfer said;

Since the virus hit we have been working together to help our communities through this hard time as many folks have found themselves on the breadline or isolating for their, or their families' health.

Together we have really kept people from going hungry. So far we have delivered over 20,000 boxes to over 5000 people. Over 250 volunteers have helped so far and YOU have raised over £90,000 and we've spent it on fruit and vegetables!

We are currently delivering on TUESDAYS to over 500 people.

For further information about the project, how to donate and/or volunteer, please click here

Bristol Rovers Women's FC have been in touch with one of the organisers to offer support and assistance.



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